Eagles News · Winter Sports Clearances

2019-20 Athletic Clearance:
If your student is participating in a  Winter sport  they will need to complete an athletic packet online.  In order to do this, you will need to register your student/s first. If you registered your student last year, you will be able to select their name and it will populate their  information.  Make sure to select year 2019-20. 
Please have your  Health Statement form ready with DR. signature/stamp/date  (must be dated after July 1st), stating student is clear to participate in sports and upload when you register. Form can be downloaded by going to: www.elsegundohigh.org   Click on “Athletics” (top bar) and then “More/Athletic Clearance.”
Online clearance will be available October 1st.  Once you have completed registration and submitted all your signed forms we will review and clear students. Make sure your athlete reads/signs all forms, do not sign on behalf of your student or they will be denied and will not clear until we have student’s signature.  You will receive a confirmation email stating your athlete is clear/denied.
 Transportation and ASB must be paid online in order to be clear or pay in Activities office (If already have ASB present school ID in Activities office).     “2017 Fiscal Management Advisory as of July 28, 2017,  now finds the following fees permissible:  Fees for transportation between school and programs;  or school-related athletic activities”.
**Please log-in or create an account only if your athlete has made a team.**  
All Winter  athletes will need to be clear by November 15th.      For athletes who played a Fall sport please transfer your info to Winter season,  online or Activities office.
Here is a link to a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=QNGvxeTC7Bk     
If you are  interested in being a Parent Volunteer Driver, go to  this link, select more for information:     https://elsegundoathletics.com/